My Philosophy
Great photography doesn't come easy, it requires precision, patience and a passion to capture the perfect image. This is especially when working with animals. These days it's easy to take a good picture but it takes experience and knowhow to deliver a great image. Creating compelling images is what I do, the challenge in being able to create them is what drives me.
Before retiring from commercial Photography I specialised in three particular areas:
Photography capturing spaces in 3 dimensions. Stunning Full 360x180 Panoramic images of Property and Boats.
Leisure photography which largely involved taking candid images of Dogs. I called it 'Pet Pics'. Then there was also the Street and People photography whish I really enjoy.
Stock shots of products,property and fashion. All one off images for brochures and web promotion.
Photography has been a lifelong interest and hobby so when I needed to create my own Environment Map Panoramas for some 3D modelling, it was a natural progression and easy development of skills. My love of Dog's took me into more social photography. This together with the experience of overcoming the technical and logistical challenges, developed an ability to create beautiful images in several genres.
I enjoy a challenge, so now I mainly just take photographs for fun, because that's my passion - taking great pictures.
Dave Wright
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